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Question 1: The only OECS member not using the East Caribbean dollar as their official currency is the ________.
British Virgin IslandsAnguillaSaint HelenaCayman Islands

Question 2: The combined population of the EC$ area is close to 600,000 (2005 and 2006 census and estimates), which is comparable to ________ or the city of Washington, D.C..
Bosnia and HerzegovinaCroatiaMontenegroSerbia

Question 3: The 1825 order-in-council was largely a failure because it made sterling silver coinage legal tender at the unrealistic rating in relation to the ________ of $1 = 4 shillings and 4 pence.
United States dollarSpanish dollarJamaican dollarDollar sign

Question 4: A few years later copper fractional dollars were coined for Mauritius, Sierra Leone, and the ________.
British West IndiesWest Indies FederationTrinidad and TobagoBarbados

Question 5: In 1964 ________ withdrew from the currency union (adopting the Trinidad and Tobago dollar) and soon the "BWI$" dollar lost its regional support.
Cayman IslandsAnguillaTrinidad and TobagoBarbados

Question 6: In the years following the 1838 order-in-council, the ________ territories began to enact local legislation for the purposes of assimilating their monies of account with the British pound sterling.
West Indies FederationTrinidad and TobagoBarbadosBritish West Indies

Question 7: Trinidad and Tobago had been a member of the earlier ________ currency union, but withdrew in 1964.
West Indies FederationBritish West IndiesBritish overseas territoriesBarbados

Question 8: It has existed since 1965, being the successor to the British West Indies dollar, and it is normally abbreviated with the dollar sign $ or, alternatively, EC$ to distinguish it from other ________-denominated currencies.
DollarCayman Islands dollarUnited States dollarJamaican dollar

Question 9: The exchange rate of $4.80 = £1 sterling (equivalent to the old $1 = 4s 2d) continued right into up until 1976 for the new ________.
Bermudian dollarBarbadian dollarJamaican dollarEast Caribbean dollar

Question 10: Nevertheless, silver ________ continued to form an important portion of the circulating coinage right up until the late 1870's.
United States dollarDollar signSpanish dollarCurrencies of Puerto Rico


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