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East: Quiz


Question 1: Many ________ maps were oriented with the Orient (the East) east at the top, which is the source of the verb orient.
Middle AgesLate Middle AgesHigh Middle AgesEarly Middle Ages

Question 2: By convention, an ordinary terrestrial ________ is oriented so the right side is east.
NavigationGlobal Positioning SystemCartographyMap

Question 3: East is the direction toward which the ________ rotates about its axis, and therefore the general direction from which the Sun appears to rise.

Question 4: Cf. ________ aurora and Greek eōs.
Vulgar LatinLatinRoman EmpireOld Latin

Question 5: However, in astronomy the east side of the ________ is defined opposite with respect to the rotation direction, so it is the direction from which it rotates.
SunStarEarthSolar System

Question 6: It is one of the four ________ or compass points, opposite of west and at right angles to north and south.
NavigationGlobal Positioning SystemMapCardinal direction

Question 7: ==Etymology== The etymology of east is from a ________ word for dawn, *hausos.
Indo-European studiesArmenian languageProto-Indo-European languageCentum-Satem isogloss

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