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Question 1: In the past, these calculations were done by hand using a ________ and with methods such as Simpson's rule.
Slide ruleNumberLogarithmCalculator

Question 2: Examples of older earthwork fortifications include moats, sod walls, motte-and-bailey castles, and ________.
CrannógCircular rampartHill fortCity gate

Question 3: Typical earthworks include roads, railways, dams, dikes, canal, ________, and berms ("noise mounds").
Pipe (material)ValvePlasticBunding

Question 4: Earthworks are ________ works created through the moving of massive quantities of soil or unformed rock.
Mechanical engineeringElectrical engineeringCivil engineeringEngineering

Question 5: In military engineering, earthworks are, more specifically, types of ________ constructed from soil.
Defensive wallCastleFortificationCity gate

Question 6: Now they can be performed with a ________ and specialized software, including optimisation on haul cost and not haul distance (as haul cost is not proportional to haul distance).
Personal computerLinuxCentral processing unitComputer


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