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Earth tide: Quiz


Question 1: The use of the word ________ is by analogy, and although the forcing is quite similar, the responses are quite different.
Physical oceanographyCurrent sea level riseTideTidal power

Question 2: There also semi-annual and fortnightly contributions due to the ________.
Axial tiltSunEarthJupiter

Question 3: Since these displacements affect the vertical direction east-west and north-south variations are often tabulated in milliarc seconds for ________ use.

Question 4: Earth tide is the sub-meter motion of the Earth of about 12 hours or longer caused by ________ and Sun gravitation, also called body tide which is the largest contribution globally.
MoonGanymede (moon)Mercury (planet)Io (moon)

Question 5: [5] The semidiurnal amplitude of terrestrial tides can reach about 55 cm at the equator which is important in ________ calibration and VLBI measurements.
Inertial navigation systemCompassF-15 EagleGlobal Positioning System


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