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Earth radius: Quiz


Question 1: This article deals primarily with spherical and ________ models of the Earth.
EllipsoidLatitudeEllipseOblate spheroid

Question 2: Like a ________ the curvature at a point will be largest (tightest) in one direction (North-South on Earth) and smallest (flattest) perpendicularly (East-West).
Möbius stripTorusStereographic projectionManifold

Question 3: While specific values differ, the concepts in this article generalize to any major ________.
PlanetSolar SystemJupiterMercury (planet)

Question 4: The various radii derived here use the notation and dimensions noted above for the Earth as derived from the ________ ellipsoid;[8] namely,
Global Positioning SystemLongitudeGeodesyWorld Geodetic System

Question 5: The first scientific estimation of the radius of the earth was given by ________.

Question 6: [1] Local ________ increases the variance, resulting in a surface of unlimited complexity.
Topographic mapDigital elevation modelGeographic information systemTopography

Question 7: See ________ for a more complete discussion of models.
World Geodetic SystemFigure of the EarthGeodesyEarth radius

Question 8: Because the ________ is not perfectly spherical, no single value serves as its natural radius.

Question 9: The ________, defined by mean sea level at each point on the real surface;[2]
World Geodetic SystemGeodesyPhysical geodesyGeoid


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