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Earth-Three: Quiz


Question 1: Most of Earth-Three's history survives in the form of a similar antimatter Earth of JLA: Earth 2 in the antimatter universe of ________.
QwardJohn Stewart (comics)Hal JordanSolomon Grundy (comics)

Question 2: It is the Earth of an alternate reality in the ________.
Crisis on Infinite EarthsMultiverse (DC Comics)One Year Later52 (comics)

Question 3: Based on comments by ________, this alternate universe is not the pre-Crisis Earth-Three.
The InvisiblesAnimal ManGrant Morrison bibliographyGrant Morrison

Question 4: [4] A hero known as the Jokester operates in this universe, as later do the Riddler, Three-Face (Evelyn Dent), and ________.
DeathstrokeJason ToddCassandra CainDuela Dent

Question 5: In Countdown #31 the version of Zatanna (Annataz Arataz) from this world was used by Superman-Prime to keep ________ in check.
Mister MxyzptlkDarkseidLex LuthorSuperboy-Prime

Question 6: At the end of their re-introduction, Amerika had launched a nuclear strike on ________, against Britain's independence movement.

Question 7: It should be noted however, that the story is being told by ________, and may therefore be completely untrue.
SupermanMister MxyzptlkSuperboy-PrimeLex Luthor

Question 8: Earth-Three is a fictional alternate universe set in the ________ Universe.
SupermanDC ComicsVertigo (DC Comics)Superhero

Question 9: [2] The Earth-Three analogue to the Justice League is the ________.
Doomsday (comics)Hal JordanCrime Syndicate of AmericaSolomon Grundy (comics)

Question 10: Earth-Three is destroyed by waves of antimatter in the opening scenes of the ________.
Infinite CrisisCrisis on Infinite EarthsFinal CrisisOne Year Later


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