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Question 1: Characters from ________ were originally suggestive of each existing in their own world, as superheroes never encountered each other.
Vertigo (DC Comics)DC ComicsBatmanSuperman

Question 2: Its continuity included DC Silver Age heroes, including the ________.
Justice LeagueDoctor Light (Kimiyo Hoshi)Solomon Grundy (comics)Crime Syndicate of America

Question 3: At the end of the ________ limited series, the realigned world is called "New Earth".
Crisis on Infinite EarthsFinal CrisisOne Year LaterInfinite Crisis

Question 4: Earth-One, along with the four other surviving Earths of the DC Multiverse, are merged into one in the 1985 miniseries ________.
Final CrisisOne Year LaterInfinite CrisisCrisis on Infinite Earths

Question 5: Earth-One (also Earth-1) is a name given to two fictional universes that have appeared in American comic book stories published by ________.
SuperheroSupermanVertigo (DC Comics)DC Comics

Question 6: In ________, Earth-One was resurrected and merged with the primary Earth of the publication era to create a New Earth.
Infinite CrisisOne Year LaterCrisis on Infinite EarthsFinal Crisis

Question 7: ________ (1985-1986) was an effort by DC Comics to clean up their continuity, resulting in the multiple universes, including that of Earth-One, combining into one.
One Year LaterCrisis on Infinite EarthsInfinite CrisisFinal Crisis


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