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Earth-616: Quiz


Question 1: In the fictional Marvel Comics multiverse, Earth-616 or Earth 616 is the name used to identify the primary continuity in which most ________ titles take place.
Marvel EntertainmentMarvel AnimationMarvel StudiosMarvel Comics

Question 2: However, ________ has stated that the designation of Earth 616 was actually first made by Dave Thorpe, the previous writer of the UK-published Captain Britain stories.
Paul NearyAlan DavisExcalibur (comics)Stan Lee

Question 3: In ________ #462 (September 2005), an alteration in reality of Earth-616 causes trans-temporal devastation, and Saturnyne attempts to destroy that particular temporal continuity to "cauterize the wound".
DeadpoolAlpha FlightCable (comics)Uncanny X-Men

Question 4: Saturnyne uses the term to differentiate Brian Braddock, the Captain Britain of the regular Marvel Comics universe, from the other members of the ________.
Exiles (Marvel Comics)Earth XMultiverse (Marvel Comics)Captain Britain Corps

Question 5: In ________ #6 (March 2004), Uatu the Watcher refers to the universe as Earth-616.
Marvel 1602Eternals (comics)Earth XMarvel Universe

Question 6: This comic was written by Chris Claremont, who had created ________, and by Alan Davis, the artist on the UK-published series.
Captain BritainPsylockeStan LeeWolverine (comics)


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