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Earth's magnetic field: Quiz


Question 1: Earth's magnetic field (and the surface magnetic field) is approximately a magnetic dipole, with the magnetic field S pole near the ________'s geographic north pole (see Magnetic North Pole) and the other magnetic field N pole near the Earth's geographic south pole (see Magnetic South Pole).

Question 2: During solar storms, this could result in large-scale blackouts and disruptions in ________.
Space RaceNASASatelliteGeocentric orbit

Question 3: Recently, leaks have been detected in the magnetic field, which interact with the Sun's ________ in a manner opposite to the original hypothesis.
Coronal mass ejectionSolar windSolar flareHeliosphere

Question 4: Although the strength of the field is rather weak and the iron content of typical rock samples is small, the relatively small remnant magnetization of the samples is well within the resolution of modern ________.
Mariner 2Cassini–HuygensMariner 4Magnetometer

Question 5: The Earth's magnetic field, which effectively extends several tens of thousands of ________ into space, is called the magnetosphere.

Question 6: Electric currents induced in the ________ also generate magnetic fields.
Atmospheric electricityRadio propagationGeomagnetic stormIonosphere

Question 7: ________ detect minute deviations in the Earth's magnetic field caused by iron artifacts, kilns, some types of stone structures, and even ditches and middens in archaeological geophysics.
Mariner 2Cassini–HuygensMariner 4Magnetometer

Question 8: Another feature that distinguishes the ________ magnetically from a bar magnet is its magnetosphere.

Question 9: This is called the ________ and it explains how the Earth's magnetic field is sustained.
Dynamo theoryAstronomyOxygenMaxwell's equations

Question 10: The ________ — the iron-rich, volcanic rock making up the ocean floor — contains a strongly magnetic mineral (magnetite) and can locally distort compass readings.
Igneous rockBasaltFlood basaltLava


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