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Earring: Quiz


Question 1: The post is held in place by a removable ________ back or clutch.
Drag (physics)FrictionForceLift (force)

Question 2:

Question 3: By the 1980s, the trend for male ________ performers to have pierced ears helped establish a fashion trend for men.
Musical formThirty-two-bar formPopular musicSong structure (popular music)

Question 4: The holes become permanent when a ________ is created by scar tissue forming around the initial earring.
Colon (anatomy)Ulcerative colitisFistulaCrohn's disease

Question 5: Some of the earliest commercial, non-medical locations for getting an ear piercing appeared in the 1970s at ________ jewelry stores, although the overall commercial market was still in its infancy.
ManhattanNew York CityStaten IslandBrooklyn

Question 6: In the late 1970s, amateur piercings, sometimes with safety pins and/or multiple piercings, became popular in the ________ community.
Punk rockRock musicHardcore punkPunk rock subgenres

Question 7: In addition, ________, while common in primitive cultures for thousands of years, began to appear in Western society in the 1990s, and is now a fairly common sight.
Body piercingPlug (jewellery)Stretching (body piercing)Earring

Question 8: Occasionally, hoop earrings are permanently installed by the use of ________.

Question 9: Slave earrings - The slave earring is also called a "________ earring", which became highly popular after it appeared on Star Trek.

Question 10: Pierced ears were popular in the ________ through the early 1920s, then fell into disfavor among women due to the rising popularity of clip-on earrings.
United StatesPhilippinesAlaskaCanada

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