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Earned value management: Quiz


Question 1: This is typically done in a hierarchical arrangement called a ________ (WBS) although the simplest projects may use a simple list of tasks.
Function modelSystems engineeringWork breakdown structureSafety engineering

Question 2: For example, some ________ projects place a high premium on finishing quickly.
MarketingNew product developmentBrand managementProduct management

Question 3: The ________ began to mandate the use of EVM across all government agencies, and for the first time, for certain internally-managed projects (not just for contractors).
Office of Management and BudgetJacob LewLeon PanettaPeter R. Orszag

Question 4: EVM emerged as a financial analysis specialty in ________ programs in the 1960s, but it has since become a significant branch of project management and cost engineering.
United States CongressState governments of the United StatesFederal government of the United StatesUnited States House of Representatives

Question 5: EVM also received greater attention by publicly traded companies in response to the ________.
Internal controlAccountancySarbanes–Oxley ActInternal audit

Question 6: In 1970s and early 1980s, a subculture of C/SCSC analysis grew, but the technique was often ignored or even actively resisted by ________ in both government and industry.
ArchitectProject managementScrum (development)Project manager

Question 7: The project manager may employ a critical path or ________ to build a project schedule model.
Event chain methodologyCritical Chain Project ManagementProject managementCritical Chain (novel)

Question 8: In fact, ________ implementations are an excellent way to learn basic EVM skills. CalcGnumericMicrosoft Excel

Question 9: Project management ________ investigating the contribution of EVM to project success suggests a moderately strong positive relationship [4].
Scientific methodResearchAcademic publishingScholarly method

Question 10: In 1991, Secretary of Defense ________ canceled the Navy A-12 Avenger II Program due to performance problems detected by EVM.
Gerald FordDick CheneyGeorge W. BushGeorge H. W. Bush


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