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Question 1: In the ________, the rule of the Carolingians waned: Magyars destroyed Basel in 917 and St. Gallen in 926, and Saracenes ravaged the Valais after 920 and sacked the monastery of St.
12th century11th century10th century9th century

Question 2: The Conradines (von Wetterau) started a long time rule over ________ during this time.

Question 3: The war ended after the Battle at the Scheuchzermatte near Leuk in 1296, where the Savoy forces were crushed by the bishop's army, supported by forces from ________.

Question 4: While Schwyz was reichsfrei in 1240, the castle of Neu Habsburg was built in 1244 to help control ________ and restrict the neighboring Forest Communities[6].
Lake ZugLake ZurichLake LucerneLake Geneva

Question 5: In 259, ________ tribes overran the Limes and caused widespread devastation of Roman cities and settlements.
AlamanniFranksSuebiGermanic peoples

Question 6: On the April 16, 1291 Rudolph bought all the rights over the town of Lucerne and the abbey estates in Unterwalden from Murbach Abbey in ________.

Question 7: 9931032) gave the Valais as his fiefdom to the ________ in 999, and when Burgundy and thus also the Valais became part of the Holy Roman Empire in 1032, the bishop was also appointed count of the Valais.
Old Swiss ConfederacyRoman Catholic Diocese of SionSwitzerlandGrowth of the Old Swiss Confederacy

Question 8: Only after the victory of king Otto I over the Magyars in 955 in the ________ were the Swiss territories reintegrated into the empire.
Battle of LechfeldEarly Middle AgesHigh Middle AgesOtto I, Holy Roman Emperor

Question 9: The Swiss plateau lay in the western part of the pre- or proto-Celtic ________).
La Tène cultureCeltsHallstatt cultureGaul

Question 10: In the ________ period, the area was relatively densely populated, as is attested to by the many archeological findings from that period.
Linear Pottery cultureVinča cultureCucuteni-Trypillian cultureNeolithic


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