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Early Modern Romania: Quiz


Question 1: Joseph II's ________ decree triggered a chain reaction of national movements throughout the empire.

Question 2: Michael the Brave (Romanian: Mihai Viteazul, Hungarian: Vitéz Mihály; 1558-1601) succeeded to unite all three principalities where Romanians have been lived remaking the ancient ________.
Early Modern RomaniaDacia (Roman province)DaciaRomania during World War I

Question 3: At Giurgiu and at ________ (see Treaty of Bucharest, 1812), the Russians annexed the Budjak and the eastern part of Moldavia, which was called Bessarabia.

Question 4: In April 1598 Sigismund resigned as Prince of Transylvania in favor of the ________, Rudolf II (who was also the King of Hungary), reversed his decision in October 1598, and then resigned again in favor of Cardinal Andrew Báthory, his cousin.
Holy Roman EmperorHoly Roman EmpireCharles V, Holy Roman EmperorLouis IV, Holy Roman Emperor

Question 5: The existing Moldavians in the Russian armies were joined by newly joined Moldavian and Wallachian Hussars (Hansari in the ________) from the 1735-39 war.
Portuguese languageFrench languageRomanian languageSpanish language

Question 6: In 1683 Jan Sobieski's Polish army crushed an Ottoman army besieging ________, and Christian forces soon began the slow process of driving the Turks from Europe.

Question 7: The treaty stipulated that Russian armies would abandon Moldavia immediately, renounce its sovereignty over the ________, destroy the fortresses erected along the frontier, and restore Otchakov to the Porte.
CossacksZaporozhian CossacksBohdan KhmelnytskyKuban Cossacks

Question 8: Empress Catherine wished to install Grigori Alexandrovich Potemkin as Prince of ________, a Russian vassal state corresponding to the ancient Roman Dacia, and thus to approach her final goal, Constantinople.
DaciaDacia (Roman province)RomaniaRomania during World War I

Question 9: [4] Báthory was close to the Polish chancellor and hetman Jan Zamoyski and placed Transylvania under the influence of the King of Poland, ________.
Sigismund II AugustusSigismund III VasaWładysław IV VasaJohn II Casimir Vasa

Question 10: At one point his forces were only 24 kilometers from ________.
Byzantine navyHagia SophiaByzantine EmpireConstantinople


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