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Question 1: In 927 the ________ was the first European national Church to gain independence with its own Patriarch.
Bulgarian Orthodox ChurchFirst Bulgarian EmpireSecond Bulgarian EmpireRussian Orthodox Church

Question 2: In 718 the Bulgars decisively defeated the Arabs near ________, and their ruler Khan Tervel became known as "The Saviour of Europe"[23][24][25][26] .
Hagia SophiaByzantine EmpireByzantine navyConstantinople

Question 3: By the 9th century, the Slavs had expanded into sparsely inhabited territories to the south and east from these natural frontiers, peacefully assimilating the indigenous ________ and Finno-Ugric populations.
IllyriansIllyrian warfareDardaniIllyrian languages

Question 4: 721 — death of Ardo, last king of the ________
VisigothsVisigothic KingdomOstrogothsHispania

Question 5: The only other large Christian cities were Rome (50,000) and ________ (30,000).
ThessalonikiCorfu (city)AthensPatras

Question 6: They were recent converts to ________ Christianity and were thus heretics to the churchmen of the empire.
Germanic ChristianityFranksArianismGothic Christianity

Question 7: In 607, Boniface III became the first Bishop of Rome to use the title ________.
PopePope Benedict XVIPope John Paul IICatholic Church

Question 8: 735 — death of ________, British historian
BedeCatholic ChurchPope Gregory IJohn Chrysostom

Question 9: The early ________ caliphs were both head of state and supreme religious authority while the later caliphs came to be seen as the political leader of Muslims.
Sunni IslamIslamRashidunIslamic schools and branches

Question 10: 1003 — death of ________
Pope Boniface VIIIPope Sylvester IIPope Benedict XVIPope Gregory I

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