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Question 1: Neognathous birds and ________ (flowering plants), appear for the first time.
Flowering plantEmbryophyteFernGymnosperm

Question 2: The Early Cretaceous (geochronological name) or the Lower Cretaceous (chronostratigraphic name), is the earlier or lower of the two major divisions of the ________.
Cretaceous–Tertiary extinction eventGeologic time scaleCretaceousDinosaur

Question 3: In the seas, the ichthyosaurs declined and eventually died out at the start of the ________.
Late CretaceousCretaceous–Tertiary extinction eventGeologic time scaleMaastrichtian

Question 4: During this time many new types of dinosaurs appeared or came into prominence, including psittacosaurs, spinosaurs and ________, while other survivors from the Late Jurassic continued.


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