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Early Buddhist schools: Quiz


Question 1: The Early Buddhist schools are those schools into which, according to most scholars, the Buddhist monastic ________ initially split, due originally to differences in Vinaya, and later also due to doctrinal differences and geographical separateness of groups of monks.
Buddhist monasticismBhikkhuniBuddhismSangha

Question 2: ________
Gandharan texts
KhandhakaSutta PitakaParivaraPāli Canon

Question 3: During the first millennium, monks from China such as Faxian, Yijing and ________ made pilgrimages to India and wrote accounts of their travels when they returned home.
Pure Land BuddhismBodhidharmaGuan YinXuanzang

Question 4: Another group linked to Sarvāstivāda was the Sautrāntika school, which only recognized the authority of the sutras and rejected the ________ transmitted and taught by the Vaibhāsika wing of Sarvāstivāda.
AbhidharmaBuddhaghosaBuddhismKhuddaka Nikaya

Question 5: The Sthavira School had, by the time of King ________ divided into three sub-schools, doctrinally speaking, but these did not become separate monastic orders until later.
SarnathAshoka the GreatGreco-BuddhismBuddhism

Question 6: Yamamoto, Kosho (translation), revised and edited by Dr. Tony Page. The ________.
Mahayana Mahaparinirvana SutraMahayana sutrasTathagatagarbha doctrineBuddha-nature

Question 7: Three months after the passing of ________, according to the scriptures, the First Council was held at Rajagaha by some of his disciples who had attained Arahantship (Enlightenment).
Buddhism and HinduismGautama BuddhaBuddhismAshoka the Great

Question 8: This list was taken from the Sri Lankan chronicles, Dipavamsa and ________.
Third Buddhist councilMahindaMahavamsaTheravada

Question 9: All of the schools of ________ use a Mulasarvastivada vinaya and study the Sarvastivadin abhidharma, supplemented with Mahayana and Vajrayana texts.
Tibetan BuddhismNaropaPadmasambhavaAtisha

Question 10: The Chinese traveler Xuanzang observed even when the ________ were beginning to emerge out of this era that monks of different "schools" would live side by side in dormitories and attend the same lectures.
Mahayana sutrasMahayanaBuddhist textsBuddhism

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