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Question 1: As their old territory was now occupied by the Danes, they settled next to the ________ in present-day Sweden.
GeatsSwedes (Germanic tribe)Germanic paganismRunic alphabet

Question 2: After the ________, William the Conqueror tried to rule England using the traditional system but eventually modified it to his own liking.
Norman conquest of EnglandHistory of EnglandEnglish peopleKingdom of England

Question 3: This was Gissur Þorvaldsson, who was made Earl of Iceland by King ________ for his efforts in bringing Iceland under Norwegian kingship during the Age of the Sturlungs.
Haakon IV of NorwayHåkon III of NorwayInge II of NorwayMagnus VI of Norway

Question 4: The oldest earldoms in ________ originated from the office of mormaer, such as the Mormaer of Fife, of Strathearn, etc; later earldoms developed by analogy.
WalesScotlandUnited KingdomEngland

Question 5: In modern Britain, an earl is a member of the ________, ranking below a marquess and above viscount.
BaronDukeHereditary peerPeerage

Question 6: Some ________ were grouped together into larger units known as earldoms, headed by an ealdorman or earl.
County boroughShireCountyHundred (county subdivision)

Question 7: Known jarls from the 12th and 13 century were Birger Brosa, Jon jarl, Folke Birgersson, Karl Döve, Ulf Fase and the most powerful of all jarls and the last to hold the title, ________.
Birger jarlRiddarholmenSecond Swedish CrusadeStockholm

Question 8: Under ________ earldoms like Wessex, Mercia, East Anglia and Northumbria—names that represented earlier independent kingdoms—were much larger than any shire.
Harold GodwinsonCnut the GreatAlfred the GreatEdward the Confessor

Question 9: The Norman-derived equivalent "count" was not introduced following the ________ though "countess" was and is used for the female title.
History of EnglandKingdom of EnglandEnglish peopleNorman conquest of England

Question 10: He gave some earls the right to hold royal castles or control the ________ and soon other earls assumed these rights themselves.
ScotlandSheriffEnglandScots law

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