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Eared seal: Quiz


Question 1: ________, Z. wollebaeki
Giant OtterJaguarCougarGalápagos Sea Lion

Question 2: ________, Z. japonicus - extinct (1950s)
ImagotariaCaribbean Monk SealJapanese Sea LionAcrophoca

Question 3: Along with the Phocidae and ________, the two other members of Pinnipedia, Otаriidae are descended from a common ancestor most closely related to modern bears.
WalrusPolar bearSea otterGray Wolf

Question 4: Otariids arose in the late ________ (10-12 million years ago) in the North Pacific, diversifying rapidly into the Southern Hemisphere where most species now live.
Geologic time scaleMiocenePlioceneLanghian

Question 5:
  • ________, Z. californianus
    South American Sea LionHarbor SealSteller Sea LionCalifornia Sea Lion

Question 6: Callorhinus (________) has the oldest fossil record of any extant Otariid, extending to the middle Pliocene, and probably arose from the extinct fur seal Thalassoleon.
Spotted SealSteller Sea LionSea otterNorthern Fur Seal

Question 7: Male otariids range in size from the 70 kg (150 lbs) Galapagos Fur Seal, smallest of all pinnipeds, to the over 1000 kg (2200 lbs) ________.
California Sea LionSteller Sea LionNorthern Fur SealSea otter

Question 8: Arctocephalus
Sea otterNorthern Fur SealSteller Sea LionSpotted Seal

Question 9: They comprise 16 species in seven genera commonly known either as sea lions or fur seals, distinct from true seals (phocids) and the ________ (odobenids).
WalrusGray WolfPolar bearSea otter

Question 10: Otariids are carnivorous, feeding on ________, squid and krill.
Fish anatomyForage fishPelagic fishFish


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