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Eannatum: Quiz


Question 1: He conquered parts of ________, including the city Az on the Persian Gulf, and demanded tribute as far as Mari.
MedesKassitesSassanid EmpireElam

Question 2: The so-called "Stele of the Vultures", now in the Louvre, is a fragmented limestone stele found in Ngirsu, (modern Telloh) ________, in 1881.

Question 3: Eannatum was a Sumerian king of ________ who established one of the first verifiable empires in history.
Akkadian EmpireLagashSumerian King ListUr

Question 4: Eannatum, grandson of Ur-Nanshe, was a king of Lagash who conquered all of Sumer, including Ur, ________, Akshak, Larsa, and Uruk, which was controlled by Enshakushanna, a king on the King List.
Akkadian EmpireAssyriologyBabylonNippur

Question 5: The city of Nina, probably a precursor of ________, was rebuilt, with many canals and reservoirs being excavated.


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