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Question 1: It is said that when the Second Temple of Jerusalem was being expanded and renovated in 20 B.C., ________ offended the people by mounting a Roman golden eagle over the gate.
Biblical MagiHerod the GreatSaint JosephJesus

Question 2: ________, a German State (see Coat of arms of Saxony-Anhalt)
Lower SaxonyThuringiaSaxony-AnhaltBrandenburg

Question 3: It represented looking towards the East (Asia Minor, traditional power center of the Byzantine-government in exile after the IVth Crusade) and the West (newly reconquered land in Europe) centered on ________.
ConstantinopleByzantine navyByzantine EmpireHagia Sophia

Question 4: An eagle remains in the arms of the ________.
Capetian dynastyHouse of BonaparteHouse of HabsburgHouse of Bourbon

Question 5: Another very popular eagle, used by Arab states today and historically, is the Saladin ________.
Red-tailed HawkWhite-tailed EagleGolden EagleBald Eagle

Question 6: the Roman Consul ________ decreed that the eagle would be the symbol of the Senate and People of Rome.
PompeyJulius CaesarGaius MariusLucius Cornelius Sulla

Question 7: Mythologically, it is connected by the Greeks with the God Zeus, by the Romans with Jupiter, by the Germanic tribes with Odin and by ________ with God.
ChristianityChristianJesusCatholic Church

Question 8: The eagle and lion of ________ were used as Celtic drudic holy symbols.
County DonegalBuncranaCarndonaghInishowen

Question 9: ________, a German State (see Coat of arms of Brandenburg)

Question 10: Since 20 June 1782, the United States has used an American ________, wings displayed, on its Great Seal.
Red-tailed HawkBald EagleGolden EagleWhite-tailed Eagle


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