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Eagle, Globe, and Anchor: Quiz


Question 1: On the emblem itself, the device is topped by a ribbon inscribed with the ________ motto "Semper Fidelis" (Always Faithful).
Roman EmpireLatinVulgar LatinOld Latin

Question 2: The anchor, whose origin dates back to the founding of the Marine Corps in ________, acknowledges the naval tradition of the United States Marines and their continual service under the command of the Department of the Navy.
July 111777January 171775

Question 3: ________
Timeline of United States military operationsHistory of the United States Marine CorpsUnited States armed forcesMilitary history of the United States

Question 4: The new seal had been designed at the request of the ________, General Lemuel C. Shepherd, Jr.
United States Marine CorpsUniforms of the United States Marine CorpsHistory of the United States Marine CorpsCommandant of the Marine Corps

Question 5: Changes were made in ________, 1821, and 1824.

Question 6: The eagle represents the nation of the ________.
United StatesAlaskaPhilippinesCanada

Question 7: In ________, it was prescribed that a brass eagle be worn on the hat, the eagle to measure 3 ½ inches from wingtip to wingtip.
1834January 119001917

Question 8: In ________, the device consisted of a "fouled anchor" of silver or pewter.
July 4September 11June 71776

Question 9: The current emblem traces its roots in the designs and ornaments of the early ________ as well as the British Royal Marines.
Samuel NicholasUnited States Marine CorpsContinental MarinesUnited States Marine Corps birthday ball

Question 10: On June 22, 1954, President ________ signed an Executive Order, which approved the design of an official seal for the United States Marine Corps.
Richard NixonRonald ReaganGerald FordDwight D. Eisenhower


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