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Question 1: ________, an inflammation of the fat cells under the skin
VasculitisCellulitisErythema nodosumSystemic lupus erythematosus

Question 2: EN standards, European standards for products and services: see ________
EN 1993EN 1997List of EN standardsEN 1992

Question 3: ________, a measure of the ability of an atom or molecule to attract electrons in the context of a chemical bond
Periodic tableHalogenElectronegativityNoble gas

Question 4: EN, FIPS 10-4 code for ________

Question 5: EN, obsolete NATO country code for ________ (now EST)

Question 6: En (or Ann), an antagonist from the ________ episodes of the Sailor Moon anime series
List of minor Sailor Moon charactersSailor Moon (character)Sailor VenusSailor Senshi

Question 7: En, direct transliteration from Japanese of ________, the unit of Japanese currency
Japanese yenPound sterlingUnited States dollarEuro

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