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Question 1: One particularly striking adaption was the evolution of a strain of E. coli that was able to grow on ________ in the growth media.
EthanolAcetic acidCitric acidCarbon dioxide

Question 2: More generally the authors suggest that these results indicate (following the argument of ________) "that historical contingency can have a profound and lasting impact" on the course of evolution.
Stephen Jay GouldDawkins vs. GouldRichard DawkinsEvolutionary biology

Question 3: Since the experiment's inception, Lenski and his colleagues have reported a wide array of genetic changes; some evolutionary ________ have occurred in all 12 populations, while others have only appeared in one or a few populations.
Population geneticsModern evolutionary synthesisNatural selectionAdaptation

Question 4: Wild type E. coli cannot transport citrate across the cell membrane to the cell interior (where it could be incorporated into the ________) when oxygen is present.
BiochemistryMetabolismCitric acid cycleGlycolysis

Question 5: Each of the 12 populations is kept in an incubator in Lenski's laboratory at ________ in a minimal growth medium.
Wayne State UniversityMichigan State UniversityMichigan State University academicsMichigan State Spartans


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