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Question 1: An e-mail address identifies an email box to which ________ messages may be delivered.
E-mailSimple Mail Transfer ProtocolOutlook ExpressEmail client

Question 2: Most e-mail on the Internet uses the ________ (SMTP), which is defined in the Internet standards RFC 5321 and RFC 5322.
Internet Message Access ProtocolEmail clientPost Office ProtocolSimple Mail Transfer Protocol

Question 3: The ________ conducts a technical and standards working group devoted to internationalization issues of email addresses, entitled Email Address Internationalization (EAI, also known as IMA - Internationalized Email Address) [15].
Internet Architecture BoardRequest for CommentsInternet Engineering Task ForceInternet Engineering Steering Group

Question 4: The domain is looked up in the ________ to find the mail transfer agent or Mail eXchangers (MXs) accepting e-mail for that address.
Domain Name SystemDomain Name System Security ExtensionsHypertext Transfer ProtocolSimple Mail Transfer Protocol

Question 5: An e-mail address on the modern ________ looks like, for example, and is usually read as "jsmith at example dot com".
InternetWorld Wide WebInternet Relay ChatInternet censorship

Question 6: The part before the ________ sign is the local-part of the address, often the username of the recipient (jsmith), and the part after the @ sign is the domain which is a domain name to which the e-mail message will be sent (
GuillemetsAt signOrdinal indicatorApostrophe

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