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Question 1: E-mail started in 1965 as a way for multiple users of a time-sharing ________ to communicate.
MinicomputerCalculatorMainframe computerSupercomputer

Question 2: From: The ________, and optionally the name of the author(s).
E-mail addressSimple Mail Transfer ProtocolAnti-spam techniquesDomain Name System

Question 3: She enters the ________ of her correspondent, and hits the "send" button.
Anti-spam techniquesSimple Mail Transfer ProtocolDomain Name SystemE-mail address

Question 4: The usefulness of e-mail is being threatened by four phenomena: e-mail bombardment, spamming, ________, and e-mail worms.
Internet fraudSpam (electronic)PhishingAnti-spam techniques

Question 5: Accepting a message obliges an MTA to deliver it, and when a message cannot be delivered, that MTA must send a ________ back to the sender, indicating the problem.
Sender Rewriting SchemeBounce Address Tag ValidationBounce messageSender Policy Framework

Question 6: The foundation for today's global Internet e-mail service was created in the early ________ and standards for encoding of messages were proposed as early as 1973 (RFC 561).
Bob KahnDARPAJ. C. R. LickliderARPANET

Question 7: Information overload: E-mail is a ________—the sender controls who receives the information.
RSSPush technologyBroadcatchingAggregator

Question 8: Hundreds of active spammers sending this volume of mail results in ________ for many computer users who receive voluminous unsolicited e-mail each day.
Continuous Partial AttentionInformation pollutionInformation overloadAttention economy

Question 9: ________
E-mail filteringSpam (electronic)E-mail spamAnti-spam techniques

Question 10: The ________ took over operations of the ARPANET and Internet from the Department of Defense, and initiated NSFNet, a new backbone for the network.
Scientific methodSocial sciencesPsychologyNational Science Foundation

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