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Question 1: Many e-book publishers began distributing books that were in the ________.
Copyright infringementPublic domainCopyrightIntellectual property

Question 2: 1971: Michael S. Hart launches the ________.
Project GutenbergGoogle BooksAmazon KindleProject Gutenberg Australia

Question 3: 2006: Sony presents the ________ with e-ink.
Portable Document FormatAmazon KindleHanlin eReaderSony Reader

Question 4: 2002: Random House and ________ start to sell digital versions of their titles in English.
William Morrow and CompanyFox News ChannelNational Geographic WildHarperCollins

Question 5: An e-book (short for electronic book,or EBook), also known as a digital book, is an e-text that forms the digital media equivalent of a conventional printed ________, sometimes restricted with a digital rights management system.

Question 6: Environmental Concerns- The production of e-books does not consume paper, ________, etc.
PenInkIron gall inkWriting

Question 7: 2009: Amazon releases the ________.
Lexcycle StanzaMobipocketAmazon KindlePalm Pre

Question 8: 2010: Amazon releases the ________ International Edition worldwide.
Palm PreLexcycle StanzaMobipocketAmazon Kindle

Question 9: Digital Rights Management and Piracy- Due to the ________, customers cannot resell or loan their e-books to other readers.
CopyleftFree software licenceFree Software FoundationDigital rights management

Question 10: For example, all fiction from before the year 1900 is in the ________.
Copyright infringementPublic domainCopyrightIntellectual property

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