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E-Sky Lama model helicopters: Quiz


Question 1: The design has the advantage of being mechanically simpler compared to the ________ coaxial arrangement with two swashplates, usually found in real coaxial helicopters.
Helicopter flight controlsHelicopter rotorFlightAutogyro

Question 2: Their airfoil shape is also claimed to generate more lift than the standard ones, however they also have an increased weight and ________, which reduces agility and control response somewhat.
Angular momentumForceRigid bodyEnergy

Question 3: The "4 in 1" unit is a dedicated electronic control unit combining the functions of a receiver, mixer, ________ and electronic speed control.
PrecessionGyro monorailGyroscopeAngular momentum

Question 4: The E-Sky Lama family of model helicopters comprises small, 4-channel, ________ electric coaxial helicopters produced by E-Sky.
Radio-controlled aircraftRemote controlRadio controlRadio-controlled model

Question 5: This control unit regulates both motors' speed to provide ________ control (climbing and descending), as well as the relative individual motor speed to provide automatic heading hold and yaw control.
AltitudeSea levelAltimeterAtmospheric pressure


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