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Question 1: Eärendil then went before the Valar, and asked them for aid for Men and Elves in Middle-earth, to fight against ________; and the Valar accepted his plea.

Question 2: Eärendil took part in the battle, riding on Vingilot beside ________ and the Eagles.
Eagle (Middle-earth)BalrogMiddle-earthMorgoth

Question 3: However, Tolkien created the name based on ________.
SermonEnglandEpic poetryOld English literature

Question 4: With the aid of Círdan the Shipwright, Eärendil built a ship, Vingilótë (or Vingilot), which is ________ for foam-flower.

Question 5: which can be taken as the inspiration not only for the role of Eärendil in Tolkien's work, but also for the term ________ (translating Middangeard) for the inhabitable lands (c.f.
Dol GuldurGandalfSauronMiddle-earth

Question 6: In the fiction of ________, Eärendil the Mariner (pronounced [ɛaˈrɛndil]) is one of the most important figures in the mythology, a great seafarer who, on his brow, carried the morning star across the sky.
J. R. R. Tolkien's influencesBeowulf: The Monsters and the CriticsJ. R. R. TolkienThe Hobbit

Question 7: It was his blow that slew the great dragon ________ and cast him down onto Thangorodrim, the event which, along with the sheer devastation caused by the War of Wrath, led to the Ruin of Beleriand.
J. R. R. TolkienThe SilmarillionMiddle-earthDragon (Middle-earth)

Question 8: At this time Elwing had in her possession the Silmaril that Beren had wrested from ________.

Question 9: Hearing of the tragedy that had befallen in Arvernien, Eärendil then sought after ________, and he and Elwing found their way there at last.
Middle-earthMinor places in ArdaValinorSauron

Question 10: They had two sons, ________ and Elros.


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