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Question 1: Dyscalculia is a lesser known disability, similar and potentially related to dyslexia and ________.
Developmental dyspraxiaRett syndromeAsperger syndromePervasive developmental disorder

Question 2: It is akin to ________ and can include confusion about math symbols.
DyslexiaDysgraphiaPsychiatryExpressive aphasia

Question 3: Neurological: Dyscalculia has been associated with lesions to the supramarginal and angular gyri at the junction between the temporal and parietal lobes of the ________.
CerebrumGrey matterHuman brainCerebral cortex

Question 4: Dyscalculia occurs in people across the whole ________ range, and sufferers often, but not always, also have difficulties with time, measurement, and spatial reasoning.
Health and intelligenceRace and intelligenceIntelligenceIntelligence quotient

Question 5: Dyscalculia[p] or math disability is a specific learning disability or difficulty involving innate difficulty in learning or comprehending ________.
Set theoryMathematicsGeometryMathematical logic

Question 6: That word "calculare" again comes from "calculus", which means "pebble" or one of the counters on an ________.
AbacusSuanpanArithmetic0 (number)

Question 7: Deficits in ________: Adams and Hitch[4] argue that working memory is a major factor in mental addition.
Psychogenic amnesiaWorking memoryLong-term memoryExceptional memory

Question 8: The ________ diagnosis mathematics disorder can be applied to people whose mathematical abilities are well below the expected level for their age.
Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental DisordersSchizophreniaMental disorderClassification of mental disorders

Question 9: The condition may lead in extreme cases to a phobia or durable ________ of mathematics and mathematic-numeric devices/coherences.
AnxietyMental confusionEmotionHostility

Question 10: Some ________ suggests, however, that a certain amount of mathematical proficiency can be acquired by alternative systems of mathematical calculation such as Eastern mathematics.
PseudoscienceAnecdoteAnecdotal evidenceFallacy


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