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Dyosa: Quiz


Question 1: ________ - the fishes in Mang Emo's aquarium that Kulas sent as a messengers.
FishForage fishFish anatomyPelagic fish

Question 2:
Dyosa, Stairway to Heaven (Philippines TV series) and Tayong Dalawa are all:
Fantaserye Philippine drama All pages needing cleanup Philippine television series

Question 3: The character Pearly Shells portrayed by Chocoleit was originally from ________ another ABS-CBN fantaserye and so as Dugong.
DyosaMarina (Philippine TV series)Agot IsidroClaudine Barretto

Question 4: ________ - in Filipino mythology, he was the supreme god among the engkantos and the king of the diwata.
Philippine mythologyBathalaPulahanKan-Laon

Question 5: He was the son of Jupiter (Zeus) and Juno (________).
ApolloHermesGreek mythologyHera

Question 6: In most typical representation, he was a youthful god-handsome, beardless with long hair and wearing vine leaves on his head and carrying a bottle of ________.
Chilean wineNew Zealand wineChardonnayWine

Question 7: She and her husband were the legendary founders of ________, which bears her name.
Bartlett, TennesseeShelby County, TennesseeMemphis, TennesseeTipton County, Tennessee

Question 8: Gisap - a reversed trem for the word "Pasig", a name of a river in ________.
ManilaValenzuela CityQuezon CityMetro Manila

Question 9: ________ - in Greek mythology, he was a young man famed for his beauty and loved by Aphrodite (Venus), the goddess of love and beauty.
AstarteEl (deity)AdonisMelqart

Question 10: Mars has a ________ ability with electrify white eyes to allow to drawn quickly.
ParapsychologyExtrasensory perceptionPrecognitionPsychokinesis

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