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Question 1: Each molecule of the dynein motor is a complex protein assembly composed of many smaller ________ subunits.
BremelanotideMelanotan IIAfamelanotidePeptide

Question 2: Dynein is a motor protein (also called molecular motor or motor molecule) in cells which converts the chemical ________ contained in ATP into the mechanical energy of movement.

Question 3: Dynein carries organelles and microtubule fragments along the ________ of neurons in a process called axoplasmic transport (Karp, 2005).
AxonAlpha motor neuronSchwann cellNervous system

Question 4: Dynein is also probably involved in the movement of ________ and positioning the mitotic spindles for cell division (Karp, 2005).
AutosomeChromosomeKaryotypeChromosomal translocation

Question 5: Axonemal dynein come in multiple forms that contain either one, two or three non-identical heavy chains (depending upon the organism and location in the ________).

Question 6: Thus, they are called "minus-end directed motors," while ________, motor proteins that move toward the microtubules' plus end, are called plus-end directed motors.

Question 7: Axonemal dynein causes sliding of microtubules in the axonemes of ________ and flagella and is found only in cells that have those structures.

Question 8: light chain: ________, DYNLL2, DYNLRB1, DYNLRB2, DYNLT1, DYNLT3

Question 9: Cytoplasmic dynein probably helps to position the ________ and other organelles in the cell (Karp, 2005).
Cell (biology)Endoplasmic reticulumCell nucleusGolgi apparatus

Question 10: It also helps transport cargo needed for cell functioning such as vesicles made by the ________, endosomes, and lysosomes (Karp, 2005).
Endoplasmic reticulumCell (biology)Endomembrane systemGolgi apparatus


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