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Dynasty: Quiz


Question 1:
What role did Gordon Thomson play in the TV series Dynasty?
Christopher Mason
Matt Blackwood
Adam Carrington
Jack Mason

Question 2:
Who played Dominique Deveraux the TV series Dynasty?
Sarah Miles
Diahann Carroll
Anne Haddy
Pamela Sue Martin

Question 3:
What role did Wayne Northrop play in the TV series Dynasty?
Douglas Harvey
Andrew Laird
Creed Vauclose
Michael Culhane

Question 4: For example, ________, a nephew of Queen Elizabeth II through her late sister, Princess Margaret, is in the line of succession to the British crown, and in that sense is a British dynast.
James, Viscount SevernLouis Spencer, Viscount AlthorpDavid Armstrong-Jones, Viscount LinleyDavid Lascelles, Viscount Lascelles

Question 5:
What role did Anne Haddy play in the TV series Dynasty?
Kathy Mason
Jennifer Blackwood
Fallon Carrington
Claudia Blaisdel

Question 6:
What role did Catherine Oxenberg play in the TV series Dynasty?
Amanda Bedford Carrington
Fallon Carrington Colby
Claudia Blaisdel Carrington
Kathy Mason

Question 7:
Who played Krystle Carrington/Rita Lesley the TV series Dynasty?
Katy Kurtzman
Sarah Miles
Pamela Bellwood
Linda Evans

Question 8:
Who played Mark Blackwood the TV series Dynasty?
John Tate
Harrison Ford
John James
Harris Yulin

Question 9: ________ (1461–1470 and 1471–1485)
Wars of the RosesRichard Plantagenet, 3rd Duke of YorkEdward IV of EnglandHouse of York

Question 10:
What role did Geoffrey Scott play in the TV series Dynasty?
Mark Jennings
Douglas Harvey
Mark Blackwood
Jack Mason


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