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Question 1: Sony uses the Automatic Volume Limiter System (AVLS), on some audio products and the ________.
PlayStation PortablePSP GoPocketStationPlayStation 2

Question 2: When working with digital audio, digital signal processing techniques are commonly used to implement compression via ________, or dedicated workstations.
Digital audio editorSound recording and reproductionMixing consoleSynthesizer

Question 3: This is used by ________ to lower the music volume automatically when speaking; in this example, the DJ's microphone signal is converted to line level signal and routed to a stereo compressor's sidechain input.
Hip hop musicDisc jockeyScratchingTurntablism

Question 4: Multiband compressors are primarily an ________ tool, but their inclusion in digital audio workstation plug-in sets is increasing their use among mix engineers.
Multitrack recordingDigital audio editorRecording studioAudio mastering

Question 5: Some software audio players support ________ which implement compression.
Netscape (web browser)Mozilla FirefoxPlug-in (computing)Adobe Flash

Question 6: ________ are used in configuration called 'variable-ยต' where the grid-to-cathode voltage changes to alter the gain.
Hot cathodeDiodeX-rayVacuum tube

Question 7: Dynamic range compression, also called DRC (often seen in DVD and car CD player settings) or simply compression, is a process that reduces the ________ of an audio signal.
Dynamic rangeSignal-to-noise ratioDecibelAudio system measurements

Question 8: Compression is used extensively in ________ to boost the perceived volume of sound while reducing the dynamic range of source audio (typically CDs) to a range that can be accommodated by the narrower-range broadcast signal.
RadioTelevision stationMass mediaBroadcasting

Question 9: The same recording can have very different dynamics when heard via AM, FM, ________, or other media (although frequency response and noise are large factors as well).
Digital Audio TapeMiniDiscCompact DiscUniversal Media Disc

Question 10: Compression is used during sound recording, live sound reinforcement, and ________ to control the level of audio.
Mass mediaBroadcastingRadioTelevision station


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