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Dynamic random access memory: Quiz


Question 1: This is an example of ________, and the arrangement is only stable with one bit line high and one bit line low.
Positive feedbackEstrogenOxytocinExponential growth

Question 2: It was 5% faster than Fast Page Mode DRAM, which it began to replace in 1995, when ________ introduced the 430FX chipset that supported EDO DRAM.
MicrosoftCisco SystemsIntel CorporationNvidia

Question 3: Unlike ________, it is volatile memory (cf.
Dynamic random access memoryRandom-access memoryFlash memoryRead-only memory

Question 4: Dynamic random access memory is produced as ________ (ICs) bonded and mounted into plastic packages with metal pins for connection to control signals and buses.
Integrated circuitCentral processing unitElectrical engineeringMOSFET

Question 5: Single In-line Memory Module (________)
SIMMIntel 80286Intel 8088Pentium II

Question 6: The first DRAM with multiplexed row and column address lines was the ________ MK4096 (4096x1) designed by Robert Proebsting and introduced in 1973.
Intel CorporationMotorola 68000MostekTexas Instruments

Question 7: Other parts of the computer, such as ________ and data buffers in hard disks, normally use static RAM (SRAM).
CPU cache64-bitCentral processing unitMultithreading

Question 8: DIMM 240-pin (________/DDR3 SDRAM)
DDR2 SDRAMSynchronous dynamic random access memoryDDR SDRAMDynamic random access memory

Question 9: Seymour Cray famously said "parity is for farmers" when asked why he left this out of the ________.
CDC 6600Control Data CorporationCDC CyberCDC 6000 series

Question 10: Other systems refresh one row at a time — for example, a system with 213 = 8192 rows would require a ________ of one row every 7.8 µs (64 ms / 8192 rows).
Cathode ray tubeNTSCInterlaceRefresh rate


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