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Question 1:
Who of the following spoke at the Dutch language?
2.5 million; 7th most spoken native language in the Philippines
native - 44 million, total - approximately 78 million
3.1 million; 5th most spoken native language in the Philippines
*Native: +22 millionn*Total: +27 million

Question 2: Dutch has ________, but these are now mostly limited to pronouns and set phrases.
Genitive caseNominative caseAccusative caseGrammatical case

Question 3: The process of standardisation became much stronger at the start of the 16th century, mainly based on the urban dialect of ________.

Question 4:
  • ________ or Dutch → Nederlands
    Low Franconian languagesDutch languageLimburgishGerman language

Question 5: Dutch is also an official language of several international organisations, such as the ________ and the Union of South American Nations.
European UnionEuropean ParliamentDenmarkGermany

Question 6:

Question 7: [35] In South Africa, the number is difficult to estimate, since the academic study of ________ inevitably includes the study of Dutch.
Dutch languageAfrikaansZulu languageEnglish language

Question 8: Dutch is not official nor a recognised minority language in the ________, although on the border with the Flemish Region, there are four municipalities with language facilities for Dutch-speakers.
WalloniaLiègeBelgiumWalloon Region (federal region)

Question 9: Belgium, which had gained its independence from the Netherlands in 1830, also held a colonial empire from 1901 to 1962, consisting of the ________ and Ruanda-Urundi.
Belgian CongoCongo Free StateZaireCongo Crisis

Question 10: Immigrant languages are Indonesian, Turkish, ________ Berber, Moroccan Arabic, Papiamento, and Sranan.
MoroccoJordanSaudi ArabiaUnited Arab Emirates

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