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Dutch cuisine: Quiz


Question 1: The people from Brabant consider the Brabantian worstenbroodje (________), a roll with a sausage of ground beef, as the typical Brabantian speciality.
Chicago-style hot dogConey Island hot dogHot dogHot dog variations

Question 2: Fruits include ________, pears, cherries, berries, and plums.
AppleZestar AppleYork ImperialGranny Smith

Question 3: This a mix of potatoes, a type of vegetable, for example ________ (moos or moes) and a type of sausage, which is mostly eaten during winter time.

Question 4: A typical traditional Dutch dinner would include stamppot (Dutch mashed potato mixed with other mashed vegetables) and ________.
FinlandDutch cuisineSwedenPea soup

Question 5: In season, mosselen (mussels) are quite popular and commonly served with friet/patat (________).
Fast foodUnited StatesBelgiumFrench fries

Question 6: In the autumn and winter the very popular ________ or chocolate milk is drunk.
Cocoa beanHot chocolateFudgeTheobroma cacao

Question 7: The Dutch festival of Sinterklaas (dedicated to ________, celebrating his name day) is held on the 5 December.
Santa ClausChristmasSaint NicholasChristmas Eve

Question 8: A Dutch fast-food meal often consists of a portion of ________ (called friet or patat) with a sauce and a meat product.
United StatesBelgiumFrench friesFast food

Question 9: The producer Zeeuws Meisje ("Zeelandic girl") is the most famous producer of ________ products in the Netherlands.
ButterSoybeanOlive oilLard

Question 10: Other hot drinks used to include warm lemonade, called kwast (hot water with ________ juice), and anijsmelk (hot milk with aniseed).
CitrusLemonLime (fruit)Orange (fruit)

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