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Dutch Empire: Quiz


Question 1: The last Director-General of the colony of New Netherland, ________, has bequeathed his name to a street, a neighborhood and a few schools in New York City, and the town of Stuyvesant.
Wall StreetNew Netherland settlementsPeter StuyvesantNew Amsterdam

Question 2: In 1594, the "Company of Far Lands" was founded in Amsterdam, with the aim of sending two fleets to the ________ of Maluku.
Maluku IslandsMaldivesSaint HelenaMadagascar

Question 3: The Second Anglo-Dutch War was precipitated in 1664 when English forces moved to capture ________.
New AmsterdamNew NetherlandNew Netherland settlementsNew Netherlander

Question 4: The Dutch colonised ________ in 1638, several decades after three ships out of the Dutch Second Fleet sent to the Spice Islands were blown off course in a storm and landed in 1598.
CanadaDominicaMauritiusSouth Africa

Question 5: In 1986, ________ was allowed to secede from the Netherlands Antilles federation, and was pressured by the Netherlands to move to independence within ten years.
Cayman IslandsBritish Virgin IslandsArubaBermuda

Question 6: Under the ________, Ceylon was returned to the Netherlands and Negapatnam ceded to Britain.
Treaty of Paris (1783)American Revolutionary WarPeace of Paris (1783)United States

Question 7: In 1567 the predominantly Protestant north revolted against rule by Roman Catholic Spain, sparking the ________.
First Stadtholderless PeriodDutch RevoltEighty Years' WarWilliam the Silent

Question 8: During the ________, Britain declared war on the Netherlands, the Fourth Anglo-Dutch War, in which Britain seized the Dutch colony of Ceylon.
Saratoga campaignNew York and New Jersey campaignUnited StatesAmerican Revolutionary War

Question 9: [12] The Dutch found what they were looking for in Jakarta, conquered by Jan Coen in 1619, later renamed ________ after the putative Dutch ancestors the Batavians, and which would become the capital of the Dutch East Indies.
IndonesiaMaluku IslandsDutch East India CompanyHistory of Jakarta

Question 10: In Suriname, slave holders demanded compensation from the Dutch government for freeing slaves, whilst in ________, abolition of slavery in the French half in 1848 led slaves in the Dutch half to take their own freedom.
Sint MaartenNetherlands AntillesBermudaMayotte

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