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Question 1:
What region does Dutch East Indies belong to?

Question 2:
Where does Dutch East Indies come from?

Question 3:
What is the capital of Dutch East Indies?

Question 4:
What is Dutch East Indies's current status?

Question 5: The capital of the Dutch East Indies was Batavia, now known as ________, which remains the capital of the Indonesian republic.

Question 6: It was formed from the nationalised colonies of the former ________ that came under the administration of the Netherlands in 1800.
Dutch East India CompanyDutch West India CompanyFrench East India CompanyDutch Empire

Question 7: This final territorial range would form the territory of the Republic of Indonesia proclaimed in 1945, with the exception of ________ territory, which became part of the Indonesian republic in the 1960s.
Dutch EmpireCape ColonyNetherlands New GuineaDutch East Indies

Question 8: The Dutch East Indies, or Netherlands East Indies, (Dutch: Nederlands-Indiƫ; Indonesian: Hindia-Belanda) was the ________ that became modern Indonesia following World War II.
French colonial empireDutch EmpirePortuguese EmpireBritish Empire

Question 9: Thereafter and as a consequence of the subsequent ________, the Netherlands formally recognised Indonesian sovereignty in December 1949.
Operatie KraaiCentral Indonesian National CommitteeIndonesian National RevolutionTransition to the New Order

Question 10: The 1824 Anglo-Dutch Treaty, ceded Dutch control of ________, the Malay Peninsula, and possessions in India to Great Britain in exchange for British settlements in Indonesia, such as Bengkulu in Sumatra.

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