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Dust devil: Quiz


Question 1:
When was the Dust devil?
June 2009
January 2008

Question 2: [16] A similar phenomenon (solar panels mysteriously cleaned of accumulated dust) had previously been observed with the ________, and dust devils had also been suspected as the cause.
Mars Science LaboratorySpirit roverOpportunity roverMars Exploration Rover

Question 3: In 1997, the ________ lander detected a dust devil passing over it.
Mars Science LaboratoryMars PathfinderDawn (spacecraft)Mars Exploration Rover

Question 4: They are comparable to ________ in that both are a weather phenomenon of a vertically oriented rotating column of air.
ThunderstormSevere weatherTornadoMeteorology

Question 5: [5] One such dust devil struck the Coconino County Fairgrounds in ________, on September 14, 2000.
Sedona, ArizonaFlagstaff, ArizonaPhoenix, ArizonaTucson, Arizona

Question 6: In Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, ________, Kazakhstan, and Jordan, they often reach hundreds of meters in height[citation needed] and are referred to as djin ("genies" or "devils").
AzerbaijanIraqIranIran–Iraq War

Question 7: There is a story of the origin of the ________ where a bad spirit descends from the sky and captures the young being and abducts her by taking the form of a willy-willy.
White-naped CraneBrolgaSarus CraneBird

Question 8: Mission members monitoring the ________ on Mars reported on March 12, 2005, that a lucky encounter with a dust devil had cleaned the solar panels of that robot.
Opportunity roverMars Exploration RoverMars Science LaboratorySpirit rover

Question 9: On June 18, 2008, a dust devil collapsed a shed near ________, killing a woman.
Cheyenne, WyomingNatrona County, WyomingLaramie, WyomingCasper, Wyoming

Question 10: Most tornadoes are associated with a larger parent circulation, the mesocyclone on the back of a ________ thunderstorm.
SupercellCumulonimbus cloudNorth DakotaConvective storm detection

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