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Question 1: Draupadi prayed to ________ and he made her sari to be of infinite length, so Dushasana could not take it off.
Bhagavad GitaKrishnaBalaramaVyasa

Question 2: Gandhari is devastated, and calls upon ________, the great sage who had blessed her with one hundred sons, to redeem his words.

Question 3: ________ pledged to tear open Dushasana's chest and drink his blood.

Question 4: The name is often derived from two elements, the ________: duh, meaning hard, tough , and ''shasana, meaning ruler, punisher.

Question 5: In the Kurukshetra War, ________ kills Dushasana, tears his arm out of his body and drinks his blood, as pledged and helps Draupadi redeem her vow while redeeming his own.

Question 6: After Yudhisthira loses his kingdom, his brothers and his wife Draupadi in a game of dice with Shakuni, Dushasana dragged ________ in the assembly at the behest of his brother Duryodhana, and tried to disrobe her.

Question 7: When Dhritarashtra's queen Gandhari's pregnancy continues for an unusually long period of time, she beats her womb in frustration and envy of Kunti, the queen of Pandu, who had given birth to three of the five ________.

Question 8: [citation needed] Dushasana is devoted to his older brother Duryodhana, and is also closely involved in the various schemes and plots to kill the ________.

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