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Duryodhana: Quiz


Question 1: Both possessed exceptional physical strength and had been trained by ________ in mace fighting and wrestling to equal degrees of prowess.

Question 2: To others it would appear like applauding the fight, but as Krishna intended, ________ was reminded of an oath he had taken after the game of dice to crush Duryodhana's groin as retribution for insults to Draupadi.

Question 3: A very intense bond of friendship develops between the two, and Duryodhana becomes very close to ________.
ArjunaKurukshetra WarMahabharataKarna

Question 4: He also participates in the brutal and unethical killing of Arjuna's son ________.

Question 5: At this point, ________, observing the fight, calls out to Bhima and signals him by repeatedly clapping his own thigh with his hand.
KrishnaBalaramaBhagavad GitaVyasa

Question 6: When ________ is killed, Duryodhana mourns his death intensely..
MahabharataArjunaKurukshetra WarKarna

Question 7: Duryodhana picks his archnemesis ________ over the other Pandava brothers whom he could have effortlessly overwhelmed with his skill at fighting with the mace, to ensure a fair fight.

Question 8: During the exile, Duryodhana attempts to humiliate ________ by flashing his wealth and prowess in their forest of exile.
YudhisthiraBhagavad GitaMahabharataArjuna

Question 9: Learning martial skills from his gurus, Kripa, Drona and ________, he was extremely powerful with the mace, and the equal of Bhima, the powerful Pandava, in its use.

Question 10: In Kumaon region of ________, several beautifully carved temples are dedicated to Duryodhana and he is worshipped as a minor deity.

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