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Durvasa: Quiz


Question 1: Lakshmana then went to the banks of the Sarayu, resolved on giving up the ghost via ________.
Bhagavad GitaYogaRaja YogaSwami Vivekananda

Question 2: In the Abhijñānashākuntala, written by ________, when the maiden Shakuntala ignored Durvasa's demands to be welcomed as a guest because she was daydreaming about her lover, Dushyanta, he cursed her that her lover would forget her.
Sanskrit literatureKālidāsaKumārasambhavaRaghuvaṃśa

Question 3: His consort, ________, complained that Shiva was now impossible to live with.

Question 4: In the Vishnu, Vayu, and Padma Puranas, a curse that Durvasa laid upon ________ is described as the indirect reason for the famous churning of the ocean.

Question 5: In due course, Anasuya bore Soma (Brahma's incarnation), ________ (Vishnu's), and Durvasa (Shiva's).

Question 6: In Hindu mythology, Durvasa (दुर्वास in Devanagari, durvāsa in IAST, pronounced [d̪urʋɑːsɐ] in classical Sanskrit) or Durvasas is an ancient sage, the son of ________ and Anasuya.
KashyapaAtriGautama MaharishiJamadagni

Question 7: Before departing, he rewarded Kunti by teaching her ________ Mantras which enabled her to invoke any god of her choice to beget children by them.
Kalpa (Vedanga)RigvedaVedasAtharvaveda

Question 8: An example of such behaviour is the episode between him and Kunti (the future wife of Pandu and mother of the ________).

Question 9: [3] In this version, Atri performed severe penance to propitiate the ________ in order to obtain a son by Anasuya who would be just like Him.
DeitySupreme BeingGodMonotheism

Question 10: Surya - He blessed her with a son named ________, the unknown eldest Pandava [33] [36][37]
KarnaKurukshetra WarKrishnaArjuna


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