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Question 1:
What is the binomial of Durum?
Pareronia ceylonica
Hechtia lyman-smithii
Guzmania claviformis
Triticum durum or Triticum turgidum var durum

Question 2: In the Middle East it is used for flat round breads, and in Europe and elsewhere it can be used for ________, torte etc.
BreakfastItalian-American cuisineMedieval cuisinePizza

Question 3: In the United States, records indicate that durum wheat was grown in ________ as far back as 1841 and in South Dakota by the 1890s.

Question 4:
What family does Durum belong to?

Question 5: An example is the paste of gullach, today produced from ________, which was originally made from durum.
BeanMaizeSoybeanCommon bean

Question 6: In ________ it forms the basis of many soups, gruels, stuffings, puddings and pastries.
Greek cuisineTurkish cuisineArab cuisinePalestinian cuisine

Question 7: [13] West Amber Durum produced in ________ is used mostly as semolina/pasta, but some is also exported to Italy for bread production.
United StatesUnited KingdomCanadaBarbados

Question 8: It was developed by artificial selection of the domesticated ________ strains formerly grown in Central Europe and Near East around 7000 B.C., which developed a naked, free-threshing form.
Einkorn wheatEmmerSpeltCommon wheat

Question 9: Durum wheat is thought to have originated in either Abyssinia or southern parts of the ________.
PhytochorionCircumboreal RegionMediterranean BasinCape Floristic Region

Question 10: New varieties appeared in the Maghreb, Yemen and ________.
South AsiaSiberiaCentral AsiaMiddle East


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