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Duralumin: Quiz


Question 1: Applications where good ________ and good strength are required.
Free machining steelMachiningHigh speed steelMachinability

Question 2: 2014: Heavy-duty ________, plate, and extrusions for aircraft fittings, wheels, and major structural components, space booster tankage and structure, truck frame and suspension components.
Brake (sheet metal bending)ForgingMetalworkingMetalworking terminology

Question 3: The main alloying constituents are ________, manganese, and magnesium.

Question 4: Its composition and ________ were a wartime secret.
Metalworking terminologyRolling (metalworking)Coining (metalworking)Heat treatment

Question 5: 2011: Wire, rod, and bar for ________ products.
Lathe (metal)Machine toolDrill bitScrew machine

Question 6: Although the addition of copper improves strength, it also makes these alloys susceptible to ________.

Question 7: Typical ________ is 450 MPa, with variations depending on the composition and temper.
CorrosionYield (engineering)Creep (deformation)Tensile strength

Question 8: 2218: Forgings; aircraft and ________ pistons; aircraft engine cylinder heads; jet engine impellers and compressor rings.
Two-stroke engineDiesel engineInternal combustion engineHot bulb engine

Question 9: With this new rip-resistant mixture, duralumin quickly spread throughout the ________ industry in the early 1930s, where it was well suited to the new monocoque construction techniques that were being introduced at the same time.
Double-deck aircraftWide-body aircraftAircraftBusiness jet

Question 10: Duralumin (also called duraluminum, duraluminium or dural) is the trade name of one of the earliest types of ________ aluminium alloys.
CopperPrecipitation hardeningMetallurgyCorrosion

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