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Dupuytren's contracture: Quiz


Question 1: The middle finger may be affected in advanced cases, but the index finger and the ________ are nearly always spared.
ThumbForearmHandUpper limb

Question 2: upper limb (________, Rotator cuff tear, Golfer's elbow, Tennis elbow)
OsteophyteAdhesive capsulitis of shoulderBursitisICD-10 Chapter XIII: Diseases of the musculoskeletal system and connective tissue

Question 3: Samuel Beckett, Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher, classical pianist Misha Dichter[16], ________, David McCallum and David Pinsky are among the most famous patients.
Jim BroadbentRoyal National TheatreBill NighyHarold Pinter

Question 4: [2] These bands, which are the source of the reduced mobility commonly associated with the condition, are visible on the surface of the palm and may appear similar to a small ________.
ImpetigoPsoriasisSystemic lupus erythematosusCallus

Question 5: In Dupuytren's disease, the tough connective tissue within one's hand becomes abnormally thick which can cause the ________ to curl and can result in impaired function of the fingers, especially the small and ring fingers.

Question 6: ________ treatment of Dupuytren's contracture with low energy x-rays, has also shown some promise in trials lacking a control group.
Nuclear fissionRadiation therapyNuclear fusionIonizing radiation

Question 7: Some suspected, but unproven causes of Dupuytren's contracture include trauma, diabetes, ________, epilepsy therapy with phenytoin and liver disease.
AlcoholismAddictionDrug addictionBenzodiazepine

Question 8: The ________ and little finger are the fingers most commonly affected.
BreastWristArmRing finger

Question 9: In patients with this condition, the tissues under the ________ on the palm of the hand thicken and shorten so that the tendons connected to the fingers cannot move freely.
Human skinTanningSkinLeather


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