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Question 1: Dune: Spice Opera was released by ________ in 1992.
Richard BransonVirgin RecordsV FestivalVirgin Megastores

Question 2: With the ________, they are used for either moving from one sietch to another quickly or as an early warning against sandworms attacking spice miners and prevent Harvesters from being swallowed.
ArrakisFremenDune universeDune (novel)

Question 3: Also worthy of mention is the audio track created by St├ęphane Picq and ________, released by Cryo (formerly Exxos) on the now extremely rare album Dune: Spice Opera.
Dune IIDune (video game)House AtreidesDune (film)

Question 4: The game, seen always through the eyes of Paul, is a mix between RTS and ________.
Adventure gameInteractive fictionVisual novelGraphic adventure game

Question 5: Unofficial arrangements (ReMixes) of Dune's soundtrack at ________
OverClocked ReMixFinal FantasyChrono TriggerVideo game music

Question 6: This version (a mix of the Amiga graphics and the extras of the PC-CD version) was also released on ________'s Mega-CD console.
Mitsubishi ElectricSegaNintendoSony

Question 7: Virgin Records was later sold to ________, which then became the new holders of the copyright.
Warner Music GroupEMIUniversal Music GroupSony Music Entertainment

Question 8: As the game progresses, he learns the ways of ________ (progressively, from short range to planet wide) and using sandworms as transport.
Cold readingTelepathyClairvoyanceExtrasensory perception

Question 9: They can also perform ________ on Harkonnen fortresses, reporting on the number of enemy troops and their type of armament.
Clandestine HUMINTClandestine HUMINT asset recruitingIntelligence (information gathering)Espionage

Question 10: Dune is a 1992 video game, based upon ________'s science fiction novel of the same name.
Chapterhouse: DuneDune universeFrank HerbertDune Messiah

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