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Question 1: Preventing sand dunes from overwhelming towns, villages, and agricultural areas has become a priority for the ________.
Food and Agriculture OrganizationUnited Nations Human Rights CouncilUniversal Postal UnionUnited Nations Environment Programme

Question 2: Oxwich Dunes, near Swansea, is on the ________ in Wales.
Gower PeninsulaVillages in GowerParc Cwm long cairnParkmill

Question 3:
Who played St. Alia Atreides the movie Dune?
Virginia Madsen
Francesca Annis
Laura Burton
Saskia Reeves

Question 4:
Who played Thufir Hawat the movie Dune?
William Hurt
Jan Vlasák
Leonardo Cimino
Brad Dourif

Question 5: In other deserts, they occur around the margins of the ________, particularly near topographic barriers.
Erg (landform)DuneSonoran DesertSahara

Question 6: These dunes most often form as a continuous 'train' of dunes, showing remarkable similarity in ________ and height.
LightDiffractionElectromagnetic radiationWavelength

Question 7:
Who played Thufir Hawat the movie Dune?
Leonardo Cimino
Freddie Jones
José Ferrer
Alec Newman

Question 8:
What role did Robert Russell play in the movie Dune?
Paul Atreides/Muad'Dib
Dr. Yueh
Gurney Halleck
Piter De Vries

Question 9:
Who played Duke Leto Atreides the movie Dune?
William Hurt
William Hurt
Jan Vlasák
Alec Newman

Question 10:
What role did James Watson play in the movie Dune?
Paul Atreides/Muad'Dib
Duncan Idaho
The Baron's Doctor
Padishah Emperor Shaddam IV

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