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Question 1: In Christian theology "Dunamis" is sometimes used in conjunction with the ________.
Apostle (Christian)New TestamentHoly SpiritJesus

Question 2: The word can be translated by such terms as dynamic, ________, power, capacity, potential, potency, capability and faculty (ability, skill, or power).
Classical mechanicsForcePhysicsEnergy

Question 3: The word "dunamis" was mistranslated from ________ as "power", giving the modern terminology for exponentiation.

Question 4: The term relates to ________'s pouvoir in French: the able-to-do.
Jürgen HabermasAlain BadiouSlavoj ŽižekMichel Foucault

Question 5: The word "dunamis" is sometimes seen untranslated in English texts because of its importance in ________.
Political philosophyAristotlePhilosophyDavid Hume

Question 6: The word dunamis appears in ________'s works as a term for what is or has a certain potency.
PlatoEmpiricismBertrand RussellAristotle

Question 7: ________ uses the term in "The Strange Institution Called Literature," where Derrida writes, "...poetry and literature have as a common feature that they suspend the 'thetic' naivety of the transcendent reading.
Jacques DerridaHenri BergsonDeconstructionStructuralism

Question 8: For the Roman Client Queen of the ________, see Dynamis (Bosporan queen).
CrimeaPhanagoriaTmutarakanBosporan Kingdom

Question 9: Dunamis or dynamis (Greek δύναμις) is an ________ word meaning "power", "capability", or "force".
Attic GreekDoric GreekAeolic GreekAncient Greek


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