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Duke of Urach: Quiz


Question 1: The duke has always been addressed as: Herzog von Urach; his wife as Herzogin; his sons as F├╝rst von Urach (Prince of Urach); all male members of the family as ________ von W├╝rttemberg (Count of W├╝rttemberg); female members as: F├╝rstin von Urach and Gr├Ąfin von W├╝rttemberg.
German nobilityHoly Roman EmpireGrafBavaria

Question 2: The 2nd Duke of Urach was briefly chosen as ________, King of Lithuania in 1918.
Mindaugas II of LithuaniaDuchess Amalie in BavariaAlbrecht von UrachPrincess Florestine of Monaco

Question 3: Because of his first marriage to Th├ęodolinde de Beauharnais, the first Duke had converted to ________.
Pope John Paul IIPopePope Gregory ICatholic Church


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