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Question 1:
What role did Duke play in the movie Haunted Gold?
Duke - John's Horse
John Mason
Clarence Washington Brown
Joe Ryan

Question 2:
What role did Duke play in the movie The Man from Monterey?
Duke, John's Horse
Felipe Guadalupe Constacio Delgado Santa Cruz de la Verranca
Don Luis Gonzales
Captain John Holmes

Question 3: In the ________ no ducal principalities existed but duchies were often formed for members of the dynasty as appanages.
Administrative divisions of the Kingdom of HungaryHistory of HungarySrijem CountyKingdom of Hungary

Question 4: Edward III of England created the first three dukedoms of England (Cornwall, Lancaster and Clarence) with his eldest son, Black Prince, who became the first English Duke as the ________ in 1337.
Duke of RothesayDuke of CornwallDuke of YorkCharles, Prince of Wales

Question 5: Half of them were ducal: three ecclesiastical (the six prelates all ranked above the six secular peers of the realm) and three temporal, each time above three counts of the same social estate: The ________ with ducal territories among them were:
Prince-BishopRigaHoly Roman EmpireVatican City

Question 6:
What role did Duke play in the videomovie The Telegraph Trail?
Corporal Tippy
Duke, John's horse
John Trent
High Wolf

Question 7:
What role did Duke play in the movie Little Heroes 3?
German Shepherd

Question 8:
What role did Duke play in the videomovie Bowling Alley }?

Question 9:
What role did Duke play in the movie Ride Him, Cowboy?
John Drury
John Gaunt
Judge E. Clarence 'Necktie' Jones
Devil Horse Duke

Question 10: Key parts of Finland were sometimes under a ________ during the Swedish reign.
Charles IX of SwedenJohn III of SwedenBirger of SwedenDuke of Finland

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